What I’m amazed with isn’t just the online booking system, but rather the whole experience of car detailing, it’s just mindblowing!
Joshua Brown
A Mercedes owner
The guys have transformed the look of my car, not just from the outside but from the inside too. Really happy how things turned out in the end!
Millie Winehouse
A BMW driver
I love my car and take a good care of it, but these guys have really taken it to the next level. I honestly just love the way they do their job.
Peter Sauber
An Audi owner

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Indulge your car with basic wash anytime you want. Our team will take full care of your car, wash it with mild shampoo, vacuum the interior and clean it completely.
We know you love your interior to be clean, as you spend most of the time inside the car. It’s always a good oportunity for a big cleanup of your seats, dash and more.
Nothing to do with Polish people, we love them. This package includes all sorts of paint correction, cut and polish, ceramic paint coating and protection.
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